Maria Aidonis, Licensed Real Estate Broker

As a native New Yorker, Maria Aidonis has witnessed firsthand the incredible cycle of life that NYC neighborhoods perpetually undergo. Growing up in a Williamsburg factory, Maria has watched Brooklyn's hottest "Burg" become the new mecca for artists, artisans and socialites alike. The wind has blown her to residences in Harlem, Hell's Kitchen, the Upper West Side, Chelsea, and the Lower East Side. She now lives in Long Island City, one of the latest areas to be discovered by people seeking the next great thing in real estate. Maria has visited many cities from Tulsa to Tokyo and would still never consider calling any other her home. Maria's knowledge of city real estate extends over bridges and through tunnels: she has conquered Manhattan's inventory only to have entered into Brooklyn and Queens with the same vigor and genuine alacrity.

With such a huge area of expertise, Maria is happiest pounding the pavement seeking out the secret areas of New York that even NYC-ers don't know about...yet. Maria is so enamored of New York's history and culture that she is the best person to guide you through an unfamiliar neighborhood and make you love it. From who the area and building are named after to where to get the best cupcakes and shoeshines, she somehow manages to remember the bits of charming details that often get overlooked by most people. In fact, once she gets talking about the most fragrant areas of the city, it's best to change the subject! Maria is most admired for her effervescence and for her tenacity. Sellers have remarked on her sincerity and her respectful confidence. Buyers praise her industry and the element of fun she brings to each and every location.

The most interesting facet of Maria's technique is her restraint in the decision-making process. She brings her clients the strength to make assured choices on the most important purchase of their lives. Because of this allegiance, her reputation for being a compassionate and completely singular agent has continued to spread throughout the five boroughs. Maria can walk down the street and be greeted by doormen, superintendents, and even tenants who she has worked with over the years. If you are lucky enough to be standing beside her, you'd think the sidewalk was a red carpet.